Friday, August 31, 2007

Not so GREENpeace

Recently in Port Dover Ontario, Greenpeace protesters using zodiacs deployed from the above seen vessel (Arctic Sunrise) attached themselves to conveyor belts and to the rudder of a large ship delivering coal to the power plant there.

At first you would think...good on them for actually sticking up for a cause and turning the idea of being Green into a verb. Way to go guys.

Now if you look back to the picture of the boat they sailed across from the Atlantic I don't think it runs on solar power, wind generated power nor does the helicopter sitting on its back or the zodiacs it uses. Greenpeace in itself with this one boat probably has a larger carbon footprint then a lot of the people they are attacking. Why do they need a ship and zodiacs to do their dirty work ? Why don't the use the resources of the internet to organize local members to sail a boat out to the coal ship and protest ?

I am all about conservation and treating the environment with respect as we should, but these guys waste more fuel and resources to do aggressive acts to get their point across. By the pure virtue of their anti-coal or anti not green they are not doing any good for the environment just as anti-war rally's do. Because when you are anti anything you are using force and not power to create change. Mother Theresa said she would never go to an anti war, poverty..etc rally, but if you have a pro peace rally she would come. So if the lady is a saint by her actions I think she can be respected for knowing how to facilitate change for the better. Maybe Greenpeace better look to her for some wisdom.

I don't know why this bothers me so much but when you operate on a lower level of thinking to combat the opposite side which is doing the same thing you aren't gonna make any headway. Like Einstein said "You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created."


privateer78 said...

There is some truth in your words, but then on the other hand: if Greenpeace hadn't stirred up things like they had done in the last decades (and they needed ships, Zodiacs and helicopters for that), people would probably still not care about environmental issues, hunt down wales (instead of earning good money by doing wale watching) and so on. Greenpeace does not want us to abandon our use of airplanes, cars, but we should really think about whether it really makes sense to buy a fuel-draining big pick-up truck when a smaller, more economic car would do as well.

Thanks, I enjoyed your website.

Greybeard said...

Wales in jeopardy? Where do I enlist?

I couldn't agree with you more, FD. Like AlGore preaching energy conservation while globetrotting in his GV, hypocrisy abounds with these folks.
Now these weirdos are trying to convince us Global Warming causes Global Cooling. I wonder if the converse is true?