Thursday, August 30, 2007

Brantford Airshow

Canadian Air Force's Finest. The CF-18. Yeah they have been around for a few years and are probably not the most modern fighter but it still looks cool to me. Sitting here in the evening sun before the main show tomorrow.

Dehavilland Buffalo, a great lifter and also a short take of and landing aircraft.

Patty Wagstaff's Extra 300 in the hangar resting before tomorrows punishment. Amazing how small these airplanes are and the huge engine they have up front.

This is a real man's colour right here. I guess if you go out and pull 8 g's with a plane people can't really go and make fun of you for driving a purplish pink airplane. This is a Russian design called the Sukhoi.

CF-18 again.

There is two big ass jet engines stuck in the middle of that skinny fuselage which is one reason it can probably climb vertically and haul ass in a big way.

Canada's air demonstration team: The Snowbirds. Most country's stopped flying the CT-114 Tutor about 100 years ago but we still use them as our ambassadors via air shows. But to watch those guys fly them the way they do is a testament to their wicked skills.

There is quite a few of them and I couldn't get them all in the frame without not being to identify them as airplanes. Look pretty nice sitting there all together.

Again the CF-18...I know I know but the choices were very limited as most of the airplanes were going to be flying in the next day !

As we arrived they announced the Buffalo was going to be making a low pass over the field. Well thanks to the smokey engines I could see it from about 5 miles away low level. Wicked paint scheme I think, I like the yellow it's a happy colour and maybe that's why they paint a search and rescue plain like that because usually it would be a happy site to see if you were stranded. I can't back that up.

Zoomed in a little, sexy bird.

This thing can drop the hot lunch if it needs to and there is also a video that sort of starts off looking like this but the guy who was flying it was a bit too aggressive and when he pulled up to flare he was too slow and basically dropped the plane vertically into the ground in a level flight attitude. It was on I believe.

He came in and did a short field landing which was pretty cool and I have it on video which I will try to post here later.

This is Patty Wagstaff of Aerobatic fame pushing her plane back into the hangar. She has been doing this forever and a day and is also on Microsoft Flight Simulator's Aerobatic videos from the FS2K versions I believe. The Extra 300 is still a stock airplane for the Flight Sim series. She does a really good routine and I first saw her at Oshkosh back in 1993 with a red and white one like the one they use in Flight Sim.

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M said...

Those are some awesome shots, even better than I remember, and I was there!

I love your camera. Good cropping too.