Thursday, August 23, 2007

Benefits of early mornings...or late evenings

Being the junior man on the totem pole I recently got stuck with the 2200-0600 shift at work. I haven't brought my camera out for awhile but do to the fact it was sky clear the night before and the possibility of seeing a great sunrise I thought I would bring it with me. I don't get up early enough to see the sunrise most days so I figured this would be my chance.

It was about 6 degrees Celsius which is pretty chilly for this time of the year but it added to the awareness of the moment. Because there was a north easterly wind I could smell which smelt like sewer but when I drove home I could smell the same thing (no it wasn't me either !). I surmised it must be the pulp mill which is on th north side of the river and exactly in line with the winds that morning. Anyway can't really narrate this anymore then what you see is what you get. I love mornings.

They are building a new hotel down the road and here you can see that it is nearing completion. It is either a Marriott or a Hampton Inn but there is no signage yet. I can just imagine the view on top of that crane.

Close up of the previous pic.

Oh Canada...that's right :)

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Jamie said...

Hey VD,

Nice Pics!

Spend any time at CYFD after the show? I'll be there this weekend for my Mum's wedding. (Not right at the actual airport). Let me know if you're around.


P.S. The book is almost ready for printing and there's a bunch of your pictures in it that look good.