Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The light of the world

This I guess would be part 2 in the series of early mornings....this is late afternoon on a gorgeous late summer day. The sun has been hidden under a layer of overcast all day long but as the cold upper winds aloft drive them away we are in store for a beautiful sunset. I don't really need descriptions of the following photo's as they speak for themselves. I have a few more to post in the near future but I figured I would save the best for...well, first :)

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PJ Rusnak said...

hiYa! i bookmarked your site a long time ago... glad to find it again cuz your pics are soooo amazing - thanks so much for sharing. you are lucky to be flying thru and experiencing these soulful views with your own eyes....

i'm going to keep lurking on your site mor regularly. please give a hi and hug to the beautiful mrs. flyin dutchman!


elay said...

very nice blog and amazing pictures!