Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Orders for Boeing 787 growing....

Yesterday Boeing received orders for another 12, 787 Dreamliner's . Continental Airliners picked up a few and a aircraft leasing company in Kuwait picked up 7 bringing the total orders to 475.

This while Airbus is having issues bringing their lard ass A380 to market causing new management appointments and layoffs. Oh well.... GO BOEING !!!!!

Also in the news...Air Canada will be receiving it's first Boeing 777 and it will entering into service in April. Such a beautiful bird to be painted in such a horrible paint scheme. All I see (hear) when I see the new paint scheme is Celine Dion singing "Meant to fly" and it makes me cringe. A friend of mine who flew her in the past confirmed also that not only do I not like her singing, I feel that if I had the opportunity to meet her I would feel the same way about her.

A cool Blog I found recently announces new Boeing aircraft being delivered and has pictures of them at Boeing Field.

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Jamie said...

Did you notice that the regs for a few of AC's 777s will be C-FIT something? I'm not that superstitious, however, makes you wonder.