Monday, March 12, 2007

Boston to Berlin

Westbound at 16,000 feet heading into yet another sunset heading for Kitchener. The winds on the surface were howling on departure out of Boston Logan and to expedite our departure they gave us 04R. The weird part was that everyone else and their mother were taxing to runway 33 and departing INTO wind. But nooooo, give us the 90 degree crosswind at 30 knots :) She was a handful to keep on centerline and once airborne I had to look out my side window to see where we were going as we had about a 45 degree crab angle initially. We decided to duck down low and stay at 16,000 today instead of FL200 as the winds grew exponentially and were around 90 kts off the nose up there to a slight crosswind down here. After bumping around in the climb long enough we agreed that as soon as we hit smooth air that's where we would stay. It was a spectacular night and the visibility was unlimited. A big front had whipped through (the one that caused us to hold going into Toronto) the day before so this was the backside of the low pumping arctic air down with incredible force.

KROC or Rochester, NY. Been there a few times by plane and by transport.

Lover's paradise...Niagara Falls at night. I am still a little too far over to get a good shot but this gives an idea of the layout of the area. For an aerial up close view of both the American and Canadian Falls click here. Now here is a link to photo's of the Niagara Falls the last time they completely froze over in 1911. Now how I found that Blog was one of those small world stories. I went to NYC and toured around back in September and posted some pictures of the experience. Well Ms Ivy who has posted the photo's of the Falls was there on a bus tour the same day and found my Blog shortly afterward and posted a comment. We could walked by each other in a city of a 11 million on our 1 day there :) Again this is yet another place I have flown, driven past a hundred times but have yet to visit. I mean it only is water falling off a rock but I can see the beauty in it...I guess :)

The Golden Horseshoe almost in its entirety. Niagara/St.Catherines to the right, Hamilton to the left, Toronto and almost Oshawa in the upper right. Basically it's one of the most densely populated regions in Canada with a total of around 8 million peeps. Almost 30 percent of Canada's population is in this picture !

Hamilton, Ontario at sunset. Kitchener, and Guelph off in the distance.

We are down to about 6000 feet or so and since we are moving pretty good and my camera sucks at night this is the best shot I could get for DMF of the downtown core. If only I had a rear view mirror to get the best view of Hamilton on my trek westward :)


k said...

I *love* the Hamilton shot! Sunset and city lights, so cozy and peaceful!

Flyin Dutchman said...

Glad you enjoyed it ! Can't wait to get a DSLR to be able to blow those photo's up and put them on my wall.

Thanks again !