Friday, March 23, 2007

Believe love will find a way

Just was surfing the Internet and stumbled upon this video memoriam for September 11th 2001.
It's pretty graphic and brings back a lot of memories from that day. I remember feeling disbelief when I watched on TV, then anger then just sadness and a sense of loss. No matter how many times I came back to the feeling of anger it brought me back to the sense of pure loss and heart ache. I finally understood what "Lest we forget" means which you see on Cenotaph's from World War 1 & 2. Never forget the sacrifices of those who gave their lives to save others and also to remember that we are here to love one another and not try to exterminate each other.

I recently was reading the letters to the editor in my National Geographic Magazine in response to the article about front line medical services for the troops in Iraq. The survival rate was amazing but what the government does not want to report is what state those who survive all those mortar blasts and road side bombs actually is. They are usually left with brain injuries and come back to the US with a mountain of rehab in front of them and not many support facilities. The government thank's you for your service but good luck after it's all said and done basically from what the article states.

Anyways, a man wrote in about his father in law who was a WWII veteran who was reading the article shaking his head. He said that every congressman needs to read that article, and he seconded that every schoolchild, father, mother, sister and brother also.

Thank YOU to all who have have fought and continue to fight for the freedom myself and many others enjoy.