Sunday, March 25, 2007

Home for a rest

Continuing on from the previous post here is our path that we took back home. Starting in KTMB (Tamiami), Florida, 5 hours 30 minutes and 2200 pounds of fuel later we are home. It was a great day for flying and it was sky clear all the way down and about 90 percent of the way back. A warm front was moving in from the southwest and that is what you see in the pictures below. It was forecasted to be a huge storm when it got to Ontario but it basically fizzled out after a large high pressure over northern Ontario wouldn't move. Our route as seen on the map courtesy of takes us up central Florida, over Orlando, and Jacksonville. It then turns the corner and we head to Savannah, Georgia and then about 700 miles direct to Watertown, New York. Not very often can you spend 11.5 hours in the air, crossing the eastern US twice and have such great flying conditions.

Not much to say really about the next set of pictures. The sun was setting just after Savannah and was pretty much gone below the horizon as we pulled up along Charlotte, North Carolina. I never realized how spread out Charlotte was and I have a few really crappy pictures of it and will have to get some better shots next time.

It's always nice to see different cloud formations and this one caught my eye as we sailed into the night. The colour's tonight were amazingly warm and reminiscent of summer time, thank God, Allah, whoever that summer is around the corner.

A big bowl of liquid hot M-A-G-M-A......... nope just the sun :)

The end of the clear skies but smooth sailing is still assured as the clouds do not hold much ice or bumps for the rest of our flight. Sunsets are much better with the clouds I think. Nothing beats the west coast sunsets that I used to see in Vancouver (when it wasn't overcast !:). My only summer there it was sunny for 31 days straight ! It was amazing, day time highs of 25 Celsius with a sea breeze kicking in around 10am every day. Just like all good things though the 31 days of sunshine came to a screeching halt and a low fuel emergency for me and my old roomate but I will have to get into that story another day :)

Again I apologize for the night time quality of my pictures. I won't blame the camera as maybe it's just the operator :) This was one of the most amazing night's I have ever flown. We are just south of the US/Canadian border heading towards the big blob of lights in the distance. Tonight as I took this shot the visibility was amazing. Basically looking from the left of the aircraft I could see Syracuse, NY, Rochester, Buffalo, Niagra Falls, Hamilton, Toronto, Kingston, off the nose here is Brockville, Prescott, and off to the top of the picture is Ottawa. You could also see Montreal just as clearly as you can see Ottawa. I have never seen such a clear night, and it's a good thing as we are max'd out on our range tonight and need a close alternate. Our alternate tonight and like most good weather days is Gatineau, Quebec. It's about a 6 minute flight across the Ottawa River. When the weather is poo poo it doesn't work usually because of it's close proximity to Ottawa so what you usually get at one place is the same as the other.

The bird, back in the nest rests for the night after a long day of flying. Thing's have slowed down a bit and not too much of anything new on the go. Lately it has been the best combination of old faithful trips, followed by across the continent jaunts. But in the words of Alan Jackson, too much of a good a good thing. Next post covers stuff On the beaten path...Toronto, Montreal, etc. But I am working on uploading the latest rounds of pictures to Blogger which seems to be the most time consuming process of the whole operation. Fly safe. FD

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