Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Avril Lavigne and Olympic Stadiums

It's not a very clear photo but this Air Canada A340 (and the tip of the CN Tower) is in the slooow climb out leaving Toronto Pearson for Narita. The winds were slightly favouring the 15's and with his take off weight he requested it. He departed 15L as we positioned runway 05. He was airborne a few minutes before us and we are already 2000 higher then he is. Mind you he can fly for 12 hours and is carrying 284 people and 15 crew :) If you are curious to find out distances between airports around the world KLS2.COM has a simple Great Circle Map script.

It was a pretty windy day as you can see the waves coming into the shore somewhere in the Trenton area. I love the colour of the water with the snow which won't be hanging around too much longer. After Arizona I realized I love that we have seasons here in Canada. It would suck to just have hot and hotter, as with no bad good wouldn't really mean the same or even exist.
(Photo by FC)

Ever want to know what Avril Lavigne's hometown looks like ? Well this is the town of Napanee, Ontario from 11,000 feet in the descent into Kingston, Ontario. If you have ever traveled the 401 highway between Montreal and Toronto you would have driven past it. Not much there by the highway except a Flying J Truck Stop and a Tim Hortons. Kingston is a very nice, old city which is a perfect size. It has all the shopping and services of a place like Toronto but without all the people to contend with. It's has lots of history and is set right on Lake Ontario and with the Rideau Waterway you are able to go up to Ottawa and via the Ottawa River connect with Montreal and the rest of the world via the St.Lawrence River.

Just intercepted the 24L localizer for Pierre Elliott Trudeau International (CYUL). The funky looking building to the left is the Olympic Stadium which was built for the 1976 Summer Olympics but was plagued with building and money problems and was just paid off last year ! Still looks cool from the air even if it's a white elephant.

A nice close up view of it in the evening light.

Downtown Montreal as we approach CYUL airport from the east.

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