Sunday, March 25, 2007

Old friends and new destinations..

Since we had flown all the way down from Canada without stopping for gas we needed to purchase some motion lotion before heading home. From Ocean Reef it's about a 10 minute flight to KTMB Tamiami, Miami Executive Airport. This is my first time coming here and it's quite a nice short hop across. The amazing sprawl of Miami reaches so far south and the airport is just on the edge of farmland which you see here in the photo. The Citation Sovereign that landed at Ocean Reef earlier took off after us and then cut in front of use on the approach. He needed some go juice to go back to Teterboro, NJ.

Here is an old bird that I have ridden on and loaded when I was an AC ramp rat. I thought all the 737-200's that left zip were made into pop cans but apparently this one is still doing duty as a cargo machine. This used to be C-GCPN, who started out with Canadian Pacific as a brand new airplane, which then turned to Canadian Airlines, then Air Canada, ZIP, Air Norterra, and finally Canadian North and now in retirement in Florida works for WP Supply out of Miami. To see where it is right now click here. For all those aspiring marketing people that want to work for airlines....this isn't a good paint scheme nor are the names Zip, Jazz, Ted, Tango.

On departure out of Tamiami we are turned south initially to climb up above the arrival path into KMIA. We then followed the Hedley transition north bound and were restricted to 16,000 for the longest time as jet's were haulin ass climbing out on the same departure gate and they didn't want us in the way. Ocean Reef is on the map as Key Largo the more northerly one. It was 21 degrees so it was a nice preview of what is to come back home.

25,000 feet en-route back to the north country. We are now just past Savannah, Georgia (we have to stick to within 50 miles of shore and direct Savannah works perfect from southern Florida. Our next waypoint is Watertown, New York (ART) VOR. Just a word about the accuracy of the FREE flight planning tools on I cross checked the nav log every 100 miles and compared ETE, fuel burn, time remaining and it was bang on the whole way. The boys at do amazing work and are always improving the features, functions and I would just like to say thanks for the excellent work!

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