Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Westbound...heading for the Dune (PEI)

Another sunset and its been awhile since I have viewed one with this type of scenery. It's setting just over the water and the sky is so clear and cool it reminds me of the Arctic evenings.

Usually I don't know where I am going till after I have landed and this flight was a good example. I had planned for Montreal and had amended the departure time 5 times. Finally the passengers were here ready to go. As we walked out to the aircraft the passenger asked me what the weather was like in Charlottetown. I thought...hmmm either he is just curious or I am filed for the wrong place. So I then asked, you are going to Charlottetown not Montreal right ? He said yup. So trying to just roll with it I said I have to go inside for just a sec and I'll be right back. So I ran inside, canceled the old flight plan, filed the new one, advised company that we are going to Charlottetown and book us some rooms. 5 minutes later after checking weather, notams we were airborne heading towards the big Dune.

Because we must maintain glide and within 50 miles of shore we are unable to proceed direct to Charlottetown. It happens to cross the widest stretch of water in Canada besides the Hudson Bay. So we created a waypoint that you can see here that is called YYGBX. The outer ring is 40 miles and you can see we are about 38 from St. Andrews NFLD, just to the south the 40 mile ring is touching Cape Breton and to the West it is touching Isle De Madeline. So all the bases are covered, its smooth as silk, about a 10 kt tailwind and we are almost half way there. It's a cold atmosphere tonight. Temperature hovering at FL260 at -52 with the sun going down its almost hard to keep the cabin warm. New Years in Charlottetown, here we come. Happy New Year.

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Jade said...

You gotta love the changing of flight plans a bunch of times eh. Hopefully it didn't mess FSS up to much and you ended sitting on the ground explaining what you already filed and disexplaining everything you already cancelled. Fun times.