Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Blanc-Sablon Part Trois

The sign to the right says it all: Curves ahead and wear your seat belt :) Looking east towards the town center. The town lies at the base of the large hill in the distance.

Provincial Airlines counter in Blanc-Sablon. They operate Saab 340's and Metro's on a sched from Goose Bay, St. Johns via St. Anthony. The agent here was utmost helpful and helped pay for our lunch as we had limited cash and the visa machine was down. Ever encounter here from the fuel man to the hotel owner was so pleasant. Its a feeling lost when you travel to places such as Toronto Pearson where everyone is so focused on what they have to do that true interaction is lost between people.

Sunsetting over the Strait. Winds have sort of died down at this point and it has warmed to -4 Celsius. Going to be a great night for flying.

Picture of the old girl bundled up to stay warm. It's amazing how well the engine heaters work with the engine tents. When I turned on the battery the oil temperature was over 40 degrees Celsius. That's what it operates at almost at -40 at altitude.

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