Wednesday, January 03, 2007

CYBX Blanc-Sablon

First rays of sun hitting Canada today. We aren't as far east as you can be in Canada (Cape Spear) but we are awfully close ! (CYBX-W57.11) (Cape Spear-W52.37) This is the view from the hotel/bed and breakfast we stayed at the night before. It is the 4 Seasons and is very clean and new. The rooms are at reasonable rates and you have a common living room with a flat screen TV as well as a kitchenette. It is about -20 this morning and the winds are at about 25 knots (~50 km/hr) so its a bit on the cool side. Click here for the History of the Blanc-Sablon area.

The area is very rocky and the streets are built in levels all the way up the hill.
Compared to arctic communities the houses here are very nice and well kept. If you could take away the rugged scenery it could be any subdivision in Canada.
The people here speak mostly English but also speak French. Now to try and explain their accents, they sound like Newfies with a French accent. Hard to explain but when you hear them talk you would understand. They are very very friendly people and its funny how they know everyone in town. Also there is basically one place to eat here. Its the Pizza Delight which is also connected to the beer/liqour store, grocery store, and gas station. Its actually quite nice and offers thankfully more then just pizza.

When you call for a cab it is the only one in town and the guy just answers his phone with a simple Hello. I thought I had the wrong number but after confirming he was the cab driver he said he was leaving his house to come get us.

Our client ended up not showing for about 3 hours and once we figured he wasn't coming till about 5 hours later we ordered a pizza from Pizza Delight. Now I don't think they have ever had to get food delivered as it took 10 minutes to get the girl to understand what we wanted. We would pay the cab to drive it to us and pay her with visa for the pizza. Somehow I think she thought we were trying to rip her off and was hesitant. Well it turns out the visa machine was down so the cab driver had to pay cash for our pizza. We have 15 bucks between the two of us and there was obviously no bank machine around. So without even asking the Provincial Airlines agent lent me 10 bucks and said I would just get him back next time! I can't get friends to give up their money that easy :) Problem is I only get here about 3 times a year so I will have to mail it to him.

All in all a great visit and would recommend it to anyone who is in the area to check it out. Summer would be the best season I am sure and you could include the Viking ruins in Northern NFLD which is just a ferry ride across the Strait of Belle Isle.

Last Strait before the water enters the Atlantic Ocean. The water is lapping pretty good with the winds and it sure looks cold out there. According to the locals this is the first cold of the season which is highly unusual for this area. There is few trees here that are higher then about 3-4 feet. With the constant winds I am surprised the seeds can even take root. With the rocky outcrops though the area is so beautiful and rugged. The road has a posted speed limit of 90 but from what I have seen there is about 100 feet before each curve in the road.

You can hardly see it in this shot but just on the horizon is the coast of Newfoundland. Its not too far across maybe 10-15 miles. St. Anthony, NFLD is our usual alternate when the weather is good and its only a 20 minute flight. As you can see the ice in the bay, just up the road we spotted a baby seal on the ice. Pretty cool to see such diversity on the drive to work.

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