Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Lourdes Blanc-Sablon Cont...

Entrance for the terminal 3 in Blanc-Sablon. It's also the entrance for terminal 1 through 5 in that case :) We spent 8 hours inside waiting for departure. There was a communication issue in regards to the date of our departure but thankfully the client chose to leave that afternoon. Not that I didn't enjoy it here it's just that there is no cell reception or Internet at the hotel.

Don't be fooled by this picture. It appears as though he is sweeping off the frost but its already been done and this was an action shot for the blog :) The wind is howling and I have no toque so I had to hurry take the pictures and get back inside. Ironically when I got to PEI and bought a case of Alexander Keiths they were giving out free toque's. A little too late for this guy :)

The rising terrain to the west of the airport with a shameless plug for Canada with the poor flag that has been getting wipped around in the wind all day.

Looking from the airport parking lot towards the booming metropolis of Lourdes Blanc-Sablon (population 850-900). The road zig zags pretty much all the way to town. I am sure it weeds out the drunk drivers.

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