Wednesday, January 03, 2007

PEI (Prince Edward Island)

Prince Edward Island PEI

Looking out at the Gulf of the St. Lawrence from Cavendish Beach in PEI's National Park. The park hugs the northern shore of the Island and runs just about as deep as the beach. Cavendish is a very small village but is known for the author Lucy Maud Montgomery and her most popular story of Anne of Green Gabels. Lucy grew up here and her cousin's farm house that she spent time at in her child hood is restored and available for public viewing (see next post). I was never a fan of the show but its one of my Mother's favourites so the pictures of Green Gables are for her :)

When I look at this picture now it doesn't look as cold as it seemed when I was taking it. It wasn't cold by any means but the wind was cool. I can't get over the amazing scenery here, the whole Island seems like it could be fictitious as most houses are very well kept,rolling hills with farmers fields, and the warm maritime friendliness. I would consider having a vacation home here if I could ever afford my first house ! Like Blanc-Sablon I will have to come back and really experience it in the summer.

If it wasn't for the snow on the rock's you wouldn't be able to tell that this was taken in the winter. Soil all around the Island is a rich red colour. It is from the high iron oxide content in the soil and rocks (iron oxide aka RUST). For some aerial views from around the Island click here.

North Rustico docks. I have never seen a lobster trap before so I got my fill of em in this picture.
Not much I can say about Lobster's but if you want more info go to the Wikipedia.


Whisky Yankee said...

Happy New Year to you FD and many thanks for the terrific range of photos you've posted since mid-December. So much to ponder and study in terms of Met., aviation, landscapes, landforms, history, geography, clouds and just sheer beauty that make your blog so special. I can see why you love your job. Wish I'd had a digital camera 50 years ago when I travelled the oceans.
Haven't flown myself since early December. We've had a long run of strong winds - I'm stuck with a 12 kt crosswind component!! When the wind quietened, we became fog-bound. EGNV is pretty close to the sea and often gets coastal mist. So have drunk much flying club coffee lately and feel frustrated. Try again this week! Also been rather knackered as we have two, nearly two year old grandsons and a five year old grand-daughter, who, when you are approaching seventy, knock the hell out of your knees and hips!
Your trip to PEI etc, really stirs schoolday memories. I named my son after Cabot's ship the MATTHEW! Keep the maple leaf flying, it also has a special place in this family!
Happy flying FD. Thanks again.

Flyin Dutchman said...

Hey WY,

Great to hear from you, haven't seen any comments lately and was wondering how you were doing :)

Saw the news about all that fog over in the UK, can't believe it can still shutdown all that international traffic.

Why the 12 knot cross wind component limitation ?

Great to hear from you and thank you for the comments and Happy New Year!


Whisky Yankee said...

Normally fly a Cessna 152!! Managed to get airborne this morning (in WY!), a couple of quiet hours before the next lot of gales. Flew up our local glaciated valley which had a much quieter birth than some of your landforms!! Whenever I think of Canada, the words "Laurentian Shield" come to mind. Probably drummed into my skull at school! Had a Beech 1900 at the airfield today. Was wondering if Lostaviator had been blown across the pond! Best wishes.

flynfiddle said...

One memory of PEI comes to mind as I look through your blog ...


What a crew eh?

Flyin Dutchman said...

Hey Flyfiddle,

In my defence it was jet lag and that damn Blue Star waste water beer !