Monday, November 06, 2006

Steering Northbound

Here he is heading over the terminal building, such a beautiful day and airplane. The sound is great flying right overhead.

There he goes, he was flying around the airport area and was being sort of a pain in the butt when we tried to leave. He was flying towards our departure path going up and then below the trees so we couldn't see him and then back up again like a barnstormer ! We departed and we had to turn west towards were he was when we last saw him and all we had was a position on our TCAS and no altitude readout. I turned wide to get around him and by the time I saw him he had climbed up to about a 1000 feet below us and was heading back and had not made any radio calls. It was all good in the end though as we made it safely home.

Just about to enter North Carolina from the south, such an old mountain chain that has been eroded to get this wrinkley look to it. There was big high pressure system sitting right over this area so it was sky clear for about 600 miles which is a nice change.

Some leaves changing colours on the ground around North Carolina, Tennessee border.
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