Monday, November 06, 2006

Being in 3 places at one time

As I approach the Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia border the hills start to flatten out and the green pasture become more prevelant. Our track today took us right over the meeting place of all three borders so I can now say I have been in 3 places at once. So if someone ever says to me they can't be in three places at once I can say oh yes you can :)

Looking out at the border area which you can see in the next picture. This is jut before the meeting point look at the weathered terrain, so rich with texture it is like candy for the brain to process.

Just to state that isn't dust on the screen cause I have just wiped it, I don't know how it got on the other side but anyways....if you look on the magenta line just a few centimeters in front of the plane the track intersects all three borders. You couldn't have planned it any better if you tried.

Here is the spot described in the previous picture. Right below us at the spot. Great scenery.
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