Monday, November 06, 2006

Seeing double

Almost looks like two whale fins going up in the air before they dive back down. Two of the same airplanes in the same colours. Kinda neat.

FL260 en route to South Carolina we pass under a few jets heading westbound to points unknown.

Blue Ridge Mountains, West Virginia...I can hear John Denver as we pass over the beautiful hills.

Aiken, South Carolina. One of the nicest FBO terminals I have ever been to. For its size I couldn't believe this building as its just a 5000 foot strip with a unicom. Its right next to Augusta, and its golf country here so lots of money flows in and out I can imagine. 16 foot ceilings, marble floors and dark wood ceiling high book shelves inside. I still have issues walking into a building and taking pictures cause people might think I am crazy or have other motives :) So just use your imagination :)
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