Sunday, November 05, 2006

Days off AMEN !

So I am done on the road for a bit as I am going on holdiays. I am almost done I guess...sitting in the airport waiting to check in for a flight that leaves in 3 hours. I guess this discourages people who are really keen to dump all there bags off at the airport hours ahead clogging up the baggage rooms of airports around the world.

As a previous baggage handler for 5 years I hated early bags cause you had no tub carts or containers to put them in. Then you would put them to the side until you started a cart for them later.
The problem is you would possibly forget them and that is one reason people hate airlines :)

Anyways I have about 200 photos to go through. According to the uncertainty principle you can only be in one place at a time. Well yesterday I was lucky enough to be in 3. I have the pictures to prove it !

Stay tuned.....


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