Thursday, November 02, 2006

On the road.....still

Still on the road and the weather has been not condusive to great pictures but that is suppose to change. Just went for a walk and it was about 10 degrees, over the span of an hour its down 5 degrees and dropping.

Weather at the destination is unknown as there is no AWOS or observer and also to make it more fun there is also no IFR approach. So we are off to shoot an approach at an airport 35 miles away from our destination then go over VFR. Its 300 feet and 3 miles here but much better up that way.

Pictures to come by the weekend.



Bindar said...

Hmmm, lets see. No weather observer, no approach, scud running from a nearby airport that has an approach... any chance the airports in question rhyme with "Rods Giver" or "Nods Gake Larrows"? In any case, I don't recall any whining back in the day ;)

Godspeed, little doodle.

Flyin Dutchman said...


There was no whining because there was no radar nor anyone who cared what I did then :)

As I mature consequence and a bag full of luck that is half empty now makes me think risk is not as fun as it used to be :)

Although from time to time it is nice to break the the usual ILS to ILS routine :)

Cheers Bindar