Monday, November 06, 2006


On departure out of Burlington, Vermont on a gorgeous fall day. Off in the distance is Whiteface Mountain in New York state. It was host to the alpine skiing venue in the 1980 winter Olympics. I have skied there before and the Adirondacks are one of my favorite areas to visit.

She gets pretty steep at the top at Whiteface and when I was a teen taking the chairlift to the top was always a sight because the tops of the trees are almost touching the ground they are planted on.

I wanted to get low and try and get a picture of Upper Canada Village but this was as good I could get. This would seem to be a shot from the side of the window but its actually out the front in a 20 degree nose down attitude as we dropped from 16,000 to 8,000 feet in about 5 miles. Gotta have fun out there. If you want to save on paying for parking there is a runway across the street and there is no fee so it would be cheaper to fly there (just like the 100 dollar hamburger).

The mighty St.Lawrence Seaway. Opened in 1959 the seaway was developed to tame the local rapids along the river allowing ships to pass and make a safe navigable passage. This is looking west towards the Ogdensburg Bridge. That is the 401 highway directly below which spans from the Quebec border and runs through Kingston, Toronto, Kitchener, London, all the way to Windsor. The river is the St. Lawrence (obviously) and you can read up more on it here.

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