Monday, November 06, 2006

Bluffs, Beaches, Dash's and Boeings

Just east of Toronto (Scarborough) the golden sunlight is just hitting the Bluff. When you think of a big city all you think of is traffic and concrete jungles. But so close to every city is such beautiful geography that is most easily spotted from the air. I love flying into new places and surveying the area to see what would look to be neat to see on the ground. I have already been here before and what a great shot I would get this morning standing on the bluff taking a shot of the rising sun over Lake Ontario with a Pilatus in the foreground :)

Just about to Pickering. I guess these are breakwaters to save beach erosion but I can't really back that up. Living in that subdivision would be pretty sweet, other then the fact you are about 10 miles from Canada's largest deposit of Uranium used in power generation !

Dash 8 Q400 of Porter Airlines passing overhead. He took off about 10 minutes after us and passed us about 70 miles west of Ottawa. They true out about 110 kts faster then us and he went up to FL250 where the winds were howling so we will let him go by this time.

To add insult to injury a WestJet Boeing 737-700 passed us 5 minutes later. Since he has two jet engines that produce roughly 26,000 lbs of thrust at take off we can't really compete :) Seemed like a busy morning for traffic and we got screwed on the approach because for some reason everyone stuck with the ILS approach and we turned a 20 mile final following Porter, and WestJet. Then we got speed restricted to 140 kts 20 miles out to sequence between WestJet and a departing Air Canada. It would be too good to be true if we got such a seamless departure out of Toronto and a straight in for Ottawa.

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