Monday, November 06, 2006

Random Pics

Same pictures from previous post....after having Porter, WestJet pass overhead why not have one more for good measure. We were on the ILS for the NW runway and this Air Canada A319 or 20 was passing overhead for the west runway. First time I have been in Canada and had so much traffic so close. This would just be another day into New York City.

Ok the co-pilot asked for my Camera in an urgent manner and I can't even remember where this picture is taken. Around Toronto somewhere. Pretty cool little patterns in the swamp if I must say.

Co-pilot shot again of the sunset and impending moon. I really am getting sick of describing how great it is to fly at these times but I will anyway. Amazing night for flying :)

This is what Toronto looks like to country folk when they come here for the first time :))) Actually we are on the ILS for 24R into Toronto Pearson doing about 170 kts at 3000 feet so hence the blur.
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