Monday, November 06, 2006

My second home...

Continued from previous is the shot of about 3 miles final for runway 26. Now after skidding my tire the next morning you would have seen about a 100 foot skid mark just to the right of center line and one red faced pilot. First time rubbing off a tire but after the experience I am no longer using the brakes till I have to when the winds are up to 40 kts.

Beautiful shots by the co-pilot of downtown Toronto. I can't believe he could keep it still to get this focused of a shot when we were bouncing our heads off the ceiling.

Rogers Center and the CN Tower. Right off the wing tip is the Radisson which we sometimes stay. Its a gorgeous walk to the airport in the morning then the ferry ride over to the Island. If I had to live in Toronto, this is the only place I would live, on Queens Cay. I could never afford to so that isn't gonna be an issue.

12 hours and one new tire later we are off on our way again. After mother nature got all her energy out the night before this morning was smooth as silk. Also this was the most efficient job by ATC I have ever had coming off the Island. We were already cleared on a heading to intercept the on course and up to 11,000 feet. No level offs or vectors around traffic....It was nice to see things running smoothly after having had my bags left in the cab and spending 15 minutes waiting for there return, missing the ferry, and spending 20 minutes trying to find a bank machine to buy my Tim Hortons to then find an ATM inside the entrance after! That's maybe why I love flying so much. All your problems that happen before you strap in and take off into in this case the sunrise just disappear.

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