Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania

Nice to see some alternative power supplies other then nuclear of coal plants. I am suprised that there is only a few wind power generators as areas in Goderich Ontario have hundreds.

Stretched out over quite a distance WIlkes Barre at night is a very nice sight. There are the wind generators to the bottom right of the pic.

KAPV (Scranton Airport) Just off the end of the runway about 20 miles away. As a kid this was the most memorable airport because as you can see to the south of the threshold is the I-81 and the airport is located on a hill and the approach lighting for the north runway is on super high towers to keep them level with the runway. Always remembered that and well here is what I am talking about.

This picture shows a sharp transition from the hills west of Wilkes Barre to the farmers fields. Again its amazing how things can have so much contrast but yet we hardly see them. The weather was so great for pictures today as a cold front had gone by the day before and taken the humidity with it.

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