Wednesday, October 04, 2006

More scenery shots of NJ

Now this picture does not do this runway justice. Somewhere in northern New Jersey we fly past it and basically its a runway built right on top of a hill that at the end drops at least 1000 feet. It was paved and looked in good shape but was not in the GPS database. I am gonna look for it again and get the co ordinates and try to figure out who uses it. There is also one like this NW of Raleigh Durham somewhere in West Virginia which is even higher up and right on the top of the mountain.

Just about to enter Pennsylvania and this is the last edge of New Jersey, pretty amazing considering that 75 miles east there lives around 11 million people. Very cool looking but like I have said earlier from the ground this would all just look like a field of crops nothing else.

Now about 10 south east of Wilkes-Barre (Scranton) Pennsylvania is the Francis-Walter Dam

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