Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Princeton, New Jersey Airport (39N)

Now for some reason when I said I had pictures of New Jersey I honestly thought I had more from the air but for some reason I have mostly the airport. But anyways you can see from these shots the type of area this is with nice rolling hills and pasutre. This picture is of course of the "terminal" building. Not too much here but a really good pilot supply store associated with the flight school. Coffee's free here but the cup is 35 cents so bring your own cup and your set.

Looking west on the apron, it doesn't show too much in this picture but there is lovely pasture in the distance and on departure it was such a nice day and great scenerey to look at.

Here is what I was talking about, the whole way in it was like this. It was really bumpy due to day time heating and the winds so it was near impossible to get shots on arrival or departure.

North view on the apron, an airport isn't complete without a corn field near by.
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