Monday, October 02, 2006

Stand by for new ATIS message...

So the airplane broke today and I am stuck on the road for a few days. The problem is that I gambled and didn't bring my laptop because I thought I would be on the road for one night only.

The good part about this is that the weather has been phenom and I got alot of what I can see from my little LCD screen on the camera a few really good shots.

I should be posting them in the next few days also.

In the mean time I suggest you go do some reading on the state of New Jersey. Growing up and also visiting it a few times in my youth I considered it a hole and thought that calling New Jersey the "Garden State" was a crock :)

I have had the opportunity thought to revist it and actually tour around more and see alot more of the area by air and car. It is truely a beautiful place with rolling hills, lots of canopied roads through the countryside and lots of history.

Follow this link to Wikipedia to read a little about it and the photo's should be on line soon.



cleve-o-rei said...

Thanks for some unusually kind comments about NJ! I grew up there -- camping, canoeing, exploring the Pine Barrens, fishing & crabbing in Delaware Bay. Didn't know till I left that most of the country considers it an armpit... Ashamed to say that, when asked where I'm from, I usually say, "Philadelphia" just to avoid teasing. NJ awash in American history, and parts of it really are beautiful. Thanks for the reminder! Looking forward to pix.

Flyin Dutchman said...

Hey Cleve-o,

Yeah I always had the image of New Jersey being such a bad place of pollution and crime. I guess near the lincoln tunnel area that could be a correct assumption :) Maybe its all the people from Manhattan bad mouthing you guys because they have nothing else but chaos and tall buildings. Whereas NJ is a 10 minute drive away from the chaos where you can live in peace :)