Monday, October 16, 2006

Why BC kicks arse...part eleventy two

Here is the business end of the Beech 1900D. I always have liked this airplane while others have not because of its kinda odd oval shape. As far as commuter planes its not too shabby and hauls ass around 275 kts. The only thing that really beats it is the Dash 8-400. But not really in the same category.

Just passing overhead Quesnel, BC (CYQZ) where I had just been about 24 hours prior. There is the mill I was talking about and you can see how all that crap getting piped into the air can cause fog to form (its called condensation nuclei, which are particles in the air which allow water droplets to condense on and if enough of them do it, it causes fog)

Now isn't this b.e.a.uuuuuutiful ??? Man this is after a summer of ablation (melting, thanks Fes for the big word :) and still this glacier is nice and thick. When you are around mountains and especially such large chuncks of ice we can really realize how small and insignificant we are (except we can sure throw out that carbon dioxide !)

I love the Discovery Channel when it does computer simulations of how landforms are created. I would love to see one that would make up some of these pictures to their current day forms. We never think of water as a force of nature until a hurricane, flood or getting hit with a snowball. Besides nukes it really packs one hell of a force.
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Whiskey Yankee said...

Why does looking at these glacial pics. makes my mouth water? To my sweet tooth they look like iced Chelsea Buns. Yum-yum!