Monday, October 16, 2006

Glaciers, Mt.Baker

This photo shows that burning fossill fuels makes one hell of a mess of white paint :) Again not much to say here except holy crap I love the mountains and everything associated.

It would be amazing to go out and walk on this glacier. Just to imagine how thick it is and how much force its exerting on the ground below. When you put things into perspective I am sure you could put all the sky rises of Manhattan in this mountain valley and the ice would still be higher.

Mount Baker...just east of Vancouver. If you come down the Georgia straight into Vancouver Mt. Baker will always be off your nose and get ever larger as you approach. It used to be a volcano so that would probably explain the nice almost perfect shape.

Just coming back into the lower mainland on the KEINN arrival into CYVR (Vancouver, International). Under the hood you will find a PT6-67D engine creating I think 1280"ish" HP. Thats alot of jam and if one engine were to fail over the mountains I am sure we would use just about all of it to make it home.
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