Monday, October 16, 2006

Prince George British Catopia

Wow look at that perfect form on take off :) Its his week of left seat line indoctrination so I had to celebrate with this photo. Line indoc for those not in the biz means the worst week of screw ups, bad weather and mechanical delays as you train for your role as captain. After line indoc its all easy money :)

WestJet 737-700 on a turn around shortly headed back to Calgary.

Kelowna FlightCraft Convair 580 resting after a night of work. Look at those props on that thing. I always imagine what it would be like having an engine failure at 200 feet without autofeather working. Similiar I guess to throwing a barn door out to grab wind.

NT Air Beech 1900D. About to wisk me away to Vancouver. Again its odd looking but I think its a sexy machine.


Lost Av8r said...

Thanks for commemorating my line indoc there. I really like the Convair shot. With the 1st rate photos and writing, Your blog is looking mighty fine.

Flyin Dutchman said...

No worries, I have the video of it also and can upload it to youtube if you prefer :)