Monday, October 16, 2006

We have arrived...

Again, Grouse Mountain. From the bottom of what basically looks like a grass runway to the swath of trees cut out is beside where the Grouse Grind is. The line up the hill is where the Gondola runs. There is a resturant on the top of the hill and even though expensive would be a great place to eat at sunset.

Just touched down on RWY 26R with min reverse thrust to be good corporate citizens and not make too much noise for the rich people who live on SW Marine Drive....I am just envious of them.

Next stop Quesnel, BC....A quaint little airport with such a great terminal building. Well done I must say for such a little town. There is a mill in town that adds lots of moisture to the air and when saturated causes the fog that closes this airport frequently. Not to day though, God is being generous. I just asked for no crashing but he made it sky clear. Can't ask for much more....well maybe free meals on Air Canada. :)

1900D owned by Central Mountain Air. Nice machine. This one is a little older then most and I used to load it back in the day when I was a lowly rampy (who made more money then I do now :) Well not that case anymore but up until not that long ago :)
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