Monday, October 16, 2006

Central Interior, Coquihalla, The Grind

This shot is just around Merritt BC home of the Merritt Mountain Music Festival. Amazing the contrast of terrain and vegetation. From the Rockies to near desert like rolling hills....

This sight first started to worry me. The destination I was headed to next was plagued by fog and this wasn't a good sign as most fog is burned off by 10am...this was a cool day though and early in the fall so the water still had lots of energy to give off to the near zero degree air.

The Coquihalla highway... you can see just smidgen of fog due to the rising terrain and you can imagine why going in conditions that are even moderatly poo poo would be deadly out here.

On final 26R into Vancouver (CYVR). The mountain to the top of the photo is Grouse mountain. There is a hiking trail that goes from the bottom to almost the top and is called the Grouse Grind. Its a good work out for the lay hiker and the view is sure worth all the effort. Never let someone convince you that the 20 dollars the group of 4 will save to buy a case of beer instead of taking the gondola down. I could hardly walk for 3 days without collapsing as trying to slow your body down for 35 minutes of pretty much straight down uses muscles you thought you never had. The beer did go down well afterwards though :):):)
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