Monday, October 16, 2006

Kelownatopia (like BCtopia but more localized)

Ok another airport shot I know BORING but to those fellow pilots who might be going there for the first time this gives a quick familirization of what it looks like and its surroundings. Now if you look up the Kelowna (CYLW) 3 departure, the point at which you have to make your first turn on departure is exactly abeam the Tim Hortons....coincidence ? I think not.

A shot pretty much covering it all. It has been growing a ton here in the Okanagan and Kelowna is no exception. But with scenery like this who wouldn't want to live here ? Ok I know not everyone but you can't tell me it isn't beautiful.

"Bridging" the gap between Westbank, BC and Kelowna, BC....the floating Okanagan Bridge. There is said to be a sea monster in Lake Okanagan called the Ogopogo and you can get a picture of yourself with a look like just at the east end of this bridge downtown.

Last shot I could take of the sunny Okanagan before moving onto still yet greener pastures.....
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