Monday, October 16, 2006

Westward bound

Here is some river with a crazy bend in it just past Empress, Alberta (YEA VOR). Around Drumheller, Alberta there is some coolies (spelling?) which are deep little ravines to fly through when you are bored. Lots of fun until there is a power line crossing around a bend.

Just west of Calgary, Alberta (CYYC) I am getting excited now as the flat prairies are behind me and the Rocky Mountains lie not too far in the distance. Nothing against the prairies cause if it wasn't for them we wouldn't have those wholesome folks from Saskatchewan :) You know who you are :)

At last, mountains ! I have been waiting for this sight for the past 2 hours ! Such a perfect day for viewing, sky clear all the way to Vancouver. This is the first time seeing the Rockies for about a year. The sure are welcoming (unless in a Cessna 172 in marginal weather, they are really welcoming then and by that I mean you usually become part of the mountain).

Foothills to mountains....if I had to choose a part of Canada in the west it would start here and go to the Pacific Ocean. Eastbound I would negate everything from here till about Sault Ste. Marie :)
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