Monday, October 16, 2006

Colony of Virginia...circa 1607 ish

Since being in Princeton recently I thought such history and old world charm was so far off my usual beaten path I wouldn't have the opportunity to write about it for awhile.

Well since the blog is called Off the beaten path I have managed to again break away from the Toronto's and Montreal's to find myself in historic Virginia. In my youth I passed through the state of Virginia a million times transiting to the southern states but never actually visited anywhere in the state.

I was forunate to visit Williamsburg Virginia which was the first English Colony in the "new world". Because of its former signifigance the downtown core was turned into a historic downtown and is filled with shops that sell products from the British Isles, a christmas shop (just a money grab as I don't think the commericalizaion of christmas was big in the 1600's) and lots of trinket shops. Also there is a University (William and Mary) book store which is a Barnes and Noble affiliate. At first glance from the outside it appears tiny but upon opening the front door its two levels of book heaven and a Starbucks !

Pictures to come.......posted via e-mail.

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