Monday, October 16, 2006

The Old "New World"

Ran out of time because Blogger takes so damn long to post. But here is a hint of the next set of photo's to be uploaded. This is Williamsburg, Virginia. George Washington went to college here amonst 3 other presidents of the USA. Its amazing the amount of buildings that are restored to the era and all the actors playing charecters from old'n days.

Coming to a place like this it always makes me wonder....if I was to have lived back then what the heck type of job would I be doing ? I wonder if I would be doing this type of work, driving people around with horses. Not nearly as fast, nor quite the view but at least the fastest thing in the time period. I was able to go for a walk down a beautiful yet busy street in Williamsburg that goes through the forest for about a mile. To my luck the road was closed to car traffic as there was an accident half way down. I asked the police officer if I could contiune to walk down the road and he said no problem. It was so quiet and you could hear nothing but the wind through all the oak and maple trees. I wondered if I was a new explorer to America if I would have had the guts to walk by myself in such an unknown place at the time.
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Aviatrix said...

I didn't know I had aviation in the family until an aunt gave me an heirloom ring. She included a little family tree of the women who had owned it. The women's husbands names and occupations were all marked on, too. And the occupations were "pilot" all the way back to before WWI. The earliest husband, before the invention of the airplane, was a sea captain.

That's what pilots did before airplanes. You would have been a sea captain, too and your quarters would contain many paintings of the far off ports you had sailed to.

Whiskey Yankee said...

Sorry if I've been hoggin' the blog with regard to comments, but a big thank you FD for a splendid set of photos that are worthy of hours of study as they contain so much information. You set a high standard and I hope others will find the blog and appreciate it also. It certainly is a great source for geography teachers as well as a feast for the eyes of the beauty of our planet. I need a new atlas to keep up with you! Oh and I agree with you on the Beech 1900! Cheers

Flyin Dutchman said...

Hey Aviatrix,

Basically it would be the same thing but a whole lot slower and lower :) I would have had to hired a painter to do the paintings on the wall.

Thats crazy that aviation goes that far back for you. Heck in WW1 it was around for what 15 years ? Very cool indeed.

Flyin Dutchman said...

Hey WY,

Much appreciate the compliments as usual, they are motivation to keep on trying to get more and more interesting and detailed pictures. I am sacrificing details I guess to keep up with new material but maybe one day you will get all the photo's and 6 paragraph's to give it background and also personal stories like Aviatrix does. She is too much competition so I will stick to my many pictures and shorter descriptions :)

I played Age of Empires 3 and was the English and tried my hand at settling the new world. Even on the computer it was rough :)

WY I am glad you enjoy the pictures please get a new atlas and keep up. If I get on a trans continental airplane you may as well us a globe instead :)

Whiskey Yankee said...

Would you believe it, but I was a young sea captain forty years ago and our "union" was the Merchant Navy and Airline Officers Association. As Aviatrix said - a logical connection. On my Texaco tanker, I visited many US east coat ports. Favourite, was Portland Maine, a winter run from the Mediterranean. Our crude oil cargo was pumped over the border to Canada. A new atlas has been ordered by the way!