Monday, October 16, 2006

Harrisburg PA

Three mile island up close and personal. It is just to the south and east of the approach for runway 31 in Harrisburg (KMDT). I bet cancer is a bit higher then normal rates for those that live in this area.

Just about to turn final RWY 31. The Susquehanna River to the south of the airport. It is listed as one of the most endangered rivers based on all the pollution it receives....progress does not come without a cost. I had a chemistry teacher who said that if we designed everything and tried to achieve all our goals with the environment as our first priority we would never have problems. That is a bastardized version but you get what I mean.

A great morning, the air is smooth as silk and its nice and cool outside. Just have to land, clear customs, pay 100 bucks for touching their ramp and on we go.

What you don't see in this picture what I sadly did shortly after was that the boat in the bottom right hand of the picture had 2 guys on it that both had their shirts off "goin" fishin. They must have just came off the set "Deliverance"...que the Banjo...

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