Monday, October 16, 2006

Pennsylvania and those artistic farmers

Just east and south of Wilkes-Barre. I am not sure what comprises these hills (coal maybe ?) But this picture goes to show how things might have been going when the glaciers said I am getting the hell outta here. Beautiful scenery. For some reason I have not seen it like this before but I am sure glad I had the opportunity to. Just gorgeous and peaks the curiosity.

Again same area just a little farther east. If anyone knows what type of landform it is please post it in the comments section. I figured if it was coal they would have mined the crap out of it already.

Again these pics are for Whiskey Yankee...after all the hills there was some nice pasture to look at as we cruised on by.

In this picture it looks as though the farmer was planting two crops and the best way to maximize his land was to plant is in these semi circles. Any farmers out there care to comment on to why it always looks like art from the sky :) Any flying farmers ?
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Whiskey Yankee said...

The range of hills looks like a crumple zone of sorts where plates have met. An idea anyway.
The curved field patterns could be that the farmer is ploughing (etc) along the contours, but it doesn't look steep OR he can't bear to be away from his wife for long!