Thursday, September 07, 2006

PEI to Quebec

It was way to bumpy to take any good shots but here is a shot just outside of Charlottetown PEI. The people here are great and the scenery is so beautiful. Here we are at about 1500 feet VFR flying over to our passengers cottage for one last look.

Now we are IFR cleared to FL240 direct Montcon (YQM) and as filed. I was glad to climb up on top of the cumulus layers as it was smooth on top. This is part of RWY24 from which we took off from. A quiet little airport and the view on the apron is just gorgeous. I can say that we never get enough flights here. I guess with winter rolling around the corner and hurricane season it might just be better that way :)

Not sure what mine this is but it is HUUUGE ! The town sits right on the very very edge of it. It is about 30 miles north of Sherbrook Quebec. The co-pilot demanded the camera in a quick hurry and this is why, a neat looking place.

Now since my blog is flyindutchman I figured here would be a great photo op. about 3000 feet above us on the way into Montreal was a KLM MD-11. Suprisingly we were told to keep the speed up as he was slowing down, we kept pace with him all the way in from about 25 miles out. He did eventually fly directly over top but because we are smaller and able to we requested a tight base and beat him in. I had a good run in with wake turbulence about a month ago so any chance I can to get ahead of these monsters I do. As they past overhead I had to use the corny Austin Power's line. Way to go you crazy dutch bastards ;) I love gooooooold !
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