Thursday, September 07, 2006

Richmond Va, then to Charlottetown PEI

Harrisburg Pennsylvania en-route to Richmond Virginia. If you look to the right in the photo you will see a nuclear generating station. This is 3 mile island which has a core meltdown back in 1979. For more info here is the link to it on Wikipedia. 3 Mile Island

Just making the last turn as we follow around the coast of Maine and now proceeding direct Charlottetown PEI. We couldn't proceed direct initially as that would taken us about 100 miles from shore. Again, we have one fan for air conditioning on the front of the plane and we can't live without air conditioning :) Great night tonight for flying. We had cleared customs using Corporate Canpass which means you have to wait in the airplane till your ETA (estimated time of arrival) is up that you gave customs unless they show up. If they don't show up at your ETA you are good to go. Well with the "forecast winds" we would arrive around 2130 local. Well as we made this turn we got 85 knots of tailwind directly on the rear. Now we were estimating at about 2110 so we pulled back the power and were doing 315 kts and showing 2115 any slower and we would be puttin out too much drag and actually mushing through the air as we were near our max cruise height. Needless to say a great night of flying and no customs so it was great.

Coast of Maine as the sun sets behind us. Again, smooth as silk at FL270 and 85 kts on the tail what more could you ask for ?

Saying good bye to another day as we get into the dark around New Brunswick. Its the end of August and in another 3 months this will be the sky at 1630 not 2030 as in the photo. Pretty deppressing :)
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Lost Av8r said...

Great shots my friend. Especially that last sunset one. :)