Thursday, September 07, 2006

Jumbo jet to ballons

Here again is a picture of the KLM MD-11 that past us. The plane was almost right beside the sun and was bloched out but when I played with it a bit I got this very neat looking result.

Now if you think the French are just full of hot air they wouldn't have much of an arguement in this shot. I was making supper and this hot air balloon was about to set near the back yard. Due to the on going soccer game in the field they pulled up and went around (or whatever you call it in Balloon flying language) There was some hot air balloon deal going on this week and there were a ton of these guys around. I think it would be very cool to try it out. I can just imagine the photo's you could get moving at 10 kts and just practically sitting in the same spot.

Just goin over the house...

Misc. shot of CYOW Ottawa, Ontario en route to Toronto. Ottawa is such a nice city with all the rivers and greenery. Too bad we have politicians here otherwise it could be perfect ;)
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