Thursday, September 07, 2006

"All things happen for a reason"

You know when people say "Don't worry things happen for a reason" ? Well again this saying came up for me lately when I saw these pictures posted on the internet. This is a picture of a Caravan taking off in the Arctic off a small 1300 foot Esker (meaning unprepared dirt crap strip). I used to fly in and out of places like this but never this short (close but not as tight as this) I mean it isn't illegal to do this or particulary unsafe if the conditions are right and you don't cut your margins too thin. I used to get a good rush out of doing this but somedays you felt like you are emptying out your bag of luck and sooner or later you would try and pull out some luck and there would be none left. I was unemployed awhile back and couldn't find work for a month or so. Everyone says to you then to not worry as things have a way of settling themselves out and just keep on going forward. Well of course you can see from my blog I found a job and get around quite a bit and to very interesting places with longer paved runways :)

This is where he is probably going holy crap, if there is a post flight fire my license will be burned and it will save Transport the trouble or maybe I can get her off just in time.

As the general public know the last words are usually "Oh Sh@t" Thank God for their sake they were all ok but.....

I feel bad for the plane in this instance because this airplane can do so much and is capable of crazy things. But this was one instance where it was asked to do too much.
See where I am going with this story is that the job I took last year came up just before I moved north to fly that airplane. It could be me climbing out of that plane and I can just imagine how'd I feel. Its like reading the accident report of a crash and seeing how many stupid things I would have done to lead to this point. I think of that everytime things don't go as planned or I start moving in a direction that if unchecked could yield an incident. I if something goes wrong now and I have to explain what lead me to this, will I look like a total idiot ? If you can check that off as a yes you better stop what you are doing and try something else. To all my fellow aviators out there, please fly SAFE !

"You can learn to fly in hours, it takes years to learn when not to"


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