Sunday, September 10, 2006

Lest we forget

Tommorow is the 5 year anniversary of what in my lifetime is the single most horrific event in memory.

You hear people say that they remember where and what they were doing when Kennedy was shot or when astronauts first landed on the moon.

For me I was living in Calgary, AB CYYC at the time and was awaken by a friend and co-worker that an airplane had flown into the WTC. I had just come off working 3 16 hour doubles and was so tired that I almost didn't get up to turn on the TV for what he was telling me was unthinkable.

Shortly after I watched CNN I was called to work because of all the diversions landing in Calgary (not nearly as many aircraft that landed in Halifax). I also had scheduled that day for my aviation medical which was in the main terminal. When I arrived to work all the security people at the entrance to the terminals were gone and the doors were wide open and hardly a soul to be found. It seemed so odd that after such an event that there would be free rein over the entire airport basically. I walked up and down the wings of the terminal and people were just as shocked as myself and some crying.

Alan Jackson came out with a song that described the situation and the feelings lots of us had that day. Its called Where were you.... Going through feelings of disbelief, then anger and hate back to just sadness that it even happened.

You can always take a positive from any situation and from this one for which 3000 + paid their lives for I reaffirmed that we aren't here forever nor do we know when it will all end and to enjoy the time we have all the time.

After searching for sometime for a quote that would sum up what needs to be done in reponse to this day I found it.

"..become the change you wish to see in the world" -Mahatma Gandhi

Here is a picture from September 11th 2001, Calgary AB.

We will never forget !!!

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Emmy said...

Crazy Legs, that is one of my favourite quotes (Ghandi).