Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Toronto-Montreal-and J75 the 401 in the sky...

Kind of a neat angle shot here by the co-pilot. We got vectored for the on course shortly before this shot so its not framed too well as he didn't have lots of time to take it before we ended up directly overhead. Still a neat angle and view of Canada's busiest airport.

Just been cleared the visual approach for RWY 06R at Pierre Elliott Trudeau airport (formerly Dorval which I prefer cause it doesn't take 3 minutes to type) Beautiful clear but surpisingly smooth day for flying.

This is one of many aircraft that over took us on J75 (JET Airway 75 which goes right beside New York City and Southwest over Baltimore and beyond). It is a 737 at FL190 overtaking us so fast that I couldnt zoom in better. We had traffic pass over under and around us on the route and was fun to break the 3 hour leg up with some plane watching.

American Airlines MD-80 at FL190 heading Northwest out of the NYC area. Nice shot here by the co-pilot. He is doing most of the work these days it seems with the camera.

I would include more shots but for some reason I can not add to each post in the edit function on blogger. When I go to add a photo in a pre exsisting post it just says DONE but yet no picture is loaded. Can anyone help me with that ? I hate posting fifty posts just to get my pictures up.

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Aviatrix said...

I write a post, then click the picture button while still editing the post, and it puts the picture at the beginning of the post I'm editing. I cut and paste that text to where I want it in the entry, then upload the next picture and repeat.

Flyin Dutchman said...

I'll give it a shot, thanks for the tip !