Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Serenity Now

After 14 years since my last visit I recently made it back to Algonquin Park one of the many Provincial Parks in Ontario for a few days of camping. I don't consider driving into a campsite with all your supplies including a cooler and even electricity. This campsite we are at was a 6 hour canoe ride including about 2 kilometers of portaging. Portaging is where you have to get out of the canoe, carry all your crap including the canoe across the land to get to the next lake.

For the entire day on this lake we were the only ones but in the evening a few couples camped across on the other side of the island. The first night was spent on Burnt Island Lake and the second on Otter Slide Lake which is the site we are at now. From Ottawa, Ontario this is about a 3 hr and 30 minute drive and about 280 KM's. There are many outfitting companies on around the park but we went in at Canoe Lake which has The Portage Store where we rented our kevlar ultra light canoe. It was 40 bucks a day to rent but after having carried it about 4 km's by the end of the trip the light weight was well worth the price !!! If you are planning a trip to go interior camping with a little bit more of work involved I would highly recommend Algonquin. The rewards are much much more worth the little effort ! Mind you my 13 year old nephew who I had to slave drive to keep paddling for 6 hours might think differently. This was the first and last trip here for him :)

Looking South West on Otter Slide Lake, Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada. Rain clouds abound but we only received about 10 minutes of rain at 2 am the last day. We had a 15 mile per hour tail wind on the way out and oddly enough the winds did a 180 and we had a 15 mile per hour tail wind home !! What are the ahhhhhhhds of that !

Being up early and keen to get a good site we ended up picking the best one on the lake. Wide open, a good breeze and nice smooth rocks for a shore to swim off of. I cut about 3 50 foot dead pine trees which provided an entire day and a surplus of another 2 days of wood for the next people. I bought a 7 dollar hatchet and I definetly got my moneys worth !

Thunderstorms off to the distance in the south east. I can't believe our great fortune in avoiding all the bad weather. If you want to go to Algonquin you best call ahead to reserve the lakes which you would like to stay at. You have to book a minimum 3 days ahead and if not and you decide to just show up you might not have a good choice of lakes to camp at and might have to canoe in pretty far to get a spot.

Since I had promised my nephew I would take him many months ago and due to my procrastination did not book a site. But I was so committed to this outing that I thought nothing but positive thoughts and figured everything would work out just perfect. I have been doing a lot of reading lately and came upon a great book...called Power Vs. Force by Dr. David R Hawkins. It is basically about levels of consciousness and energy and if you are into The Secret this is what you are looking for. He provides evidence to support his ideas not just hocus pokus reinvented positive thinking books to make a killing at the bank. Anyways when we arrived all the lakes were available except one which I didn't even consider anyways, and the tailwind both ways sure helped also !!

I am going to blog a little bit about the books I have been reading as I am sure that no matter who you are you would enjoy what they have to offer. Until then take care and enjoy the summer.

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