Tuesday, July 24, 2007


So it has been over a month between posts and the new job is going great. Considering it was not suppose to be more flying I have been doing about 60-70 hours a month so far which was close to my highest months at my previous job.

I have thought many times of topics to post here but I can't get into just talking about something I have seen or read that moves me the way seeing sunsets and experiencing other parts of the continent does.

But I came across a new site by the owner of the Blog Land and Hold Short (David Megginson) and would like to share the link here. The description of his new site is pasted below word for word...

"OurAirports is a free site where visitors can explore the world's airports, read other people's comments, and leave their own.

The site is dedicated to both passengers and pilots. You can create your own, personal map of the airports you've visited and share that map with other people. You can find the closest airports to your home airport, and find the ones that you haven't visited yet. Find every airport in a country or region. Or go to The Big Map and zoom into to any spot in the world to see where the airports are."

It is a nice little setup and encourage the passengers and the pilots alike to post their experiences on some of the airports they have been to so that others can learn and share in the experience.

Still working on developing a good post here but I have not abandoned the blog yet !



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