Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Montreal-Buttonville (Toronto)

Sitting in Montreal waiting for the client to show up I figured I would try my hand at some action shots. Some of the pictures you see on are simply amazing and many of those guys have mad skills. The first airplane that smiled for the camera was this Air Canada A330 landing on 24L. The A330 is my favourite Airbus product because I like the big twin engine look and it is similar to the 777 which is a personal fav. In the background you can see the Bombardier finishing hangar. That is a Slovenia CRJ(1 or 200).

Jazz RJ about to touchdown 24L. Since they are exiting at the end they landed a bit long so it was hard to plan where to get the touchdown shot. For me to get a better angle I would have got on the taxiway so this was as close as I could get.

Here we are taxiing in Buttonville (CYKZ) after landing on runway 21. I took this picture to demonstrate how freaking narrow this taxiway is. It is pretty much at the limit for us to taxi on. The PC-12 is such an amazing plane that it can go where any 172 can go but then cruise at FL280 and go 1200 miles in a single bound :) If I can ever scrape 5 million together I am gonna buy one.


david said...

If you're talking about narrow taxiways, have you tried taking the PC-12 into Brampton?

Flyin Dutchman said...

Hello David,

I have not but my co-pilot has, apparently with all the VFR traffic and the narrow runways and taxiways the company hasn't gone back :)

You need help for a spring cleaning for the airplane ? Need some elbow grease for a polish and wax to get the winter grime off her ?

Just let me know !

Blake said...

Ahh... nice to see my home airport!

I think, but dont quote me on this, the taxiways on 33/15 are a little bit wider.

33/15 even has high-speed exits ;)

Jamie said...

Nice Memories from my training days. Watch out for those Seneca planes at Buttonville. If you believe everyone on AvCanada, they're the scum of the earth and will go out of their way to steal a job. ;)