Friday, April 13, 2007

The Okanagan

The Sunny Okanagan. Here we are at FL250 passing just between Summerland and Penticton, BC en-route to Calgary. What you are looking at is Lake Okanagan with Peachland and Westbank off in the distance. Kelowna is to the top and right of the frame. The forest fire that ate up a lot of homes and the KVR trestles started right near the point you see just covered by a few cumulus clouds. Due to subsidence the air that has dumped a ton of moisture on the coastal mountains drops into the valley warming as it descends therefore the valley is usually sunny unless a frontal system is moving through. The land in the center of the picture on the shore line is on MLS, 25 acres for 25 million bucks..INSANE But it sure is a nice place to live though and winters are short lived and mild. Summers are dry and hottttttt.

Looking towards the Lostav8r's former residence as we truck along.

Summerland, BC. My accounting and math teacher from High School lives here now, retired in the Nagan.... Hi Mrs. G !

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