Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mississippi to NYC

On a lighter note :)

An old French fur trading post, a little bit bigger then it was then I am sure but here is Eau Claire Wisconsin on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River.

This is just prior to passing by Eau Claire Wisconsin. It looks as though the water was much higher and spread wider at one time. It looks like when it receded to where it is now it left these funky water erosion patterns in the surrounding area. Pretty neat looking !

Again my camera is not that great for night shots but the stars tonight were amazing. We turned all the instrument lights down to their minimum setting and from 27,000 we had an obstructed view of the night sky. Oddly enough we were trekking eastbound into a 45 knot headwind, another low pressure system was located over southern Quebec and is also the same system responsible for the flooding in NYC and the closing of Teterboro, Airport.

Because of Teterboro being closed we needed to go to the next best place to access downtown Manhattan. So off to White Plains, New York for the day. I have never seen an area with so much money, the houses are mostly mansions on lake sides. This must be were all the money from NYC hang their hats, even the customer service people at the FBO wear tuxedo's ! In the lobby their are big pillars which are fish aquariums and there is a grand piano available for playing. It has programmed songs so it plays all day on its own, maybe at happy hour a guy comes in :) The name of the cafe there is the Grande Fromage Cafe...can't get any tackier then that can you ! The brewed Starbucks coffee so I couldn't complain. Another thing was that they had 3 Mac's available for use in the restaurant which was cool. I am a PC person and it caused me more grief then it helped trying to use without my usual quick key strokes.

This picture is on departure with the winds still howling to 35-40 knots so I was amazed that it came out this well considering the conditions! I love NYC.

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